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A workshop to help staff respond effectively during a crisis situation including an active shooter and other business/school safety issues.  




The purpose of contracting with Campus Crisis Response (CCR) is to provide a workplace crisis response workshop to managers, supervisors, and employees. The workshop provides basic definitions and recommendations on what state staff can do to prepare for a workplace crisis. The workshop presents best practices for lockdown procedures and employee actions that will provide insight on response actions and insight on what is expected of employees from law enforcement and first responder’s perspective. The workshop will address common communication issues and suggestions for notification systems. The staff will leave the workshop with an increased safety awareness and a working knowledge of the first responder’s tactics and expectations when they arrive on scene during a workplace crisis. Trained staff will understand what can happen during the aftermath and the related timeline of a workplace crisis. 

Our Mission:

To empower today's workforce to prevent, mitigate, and respond to modern physical attacks through effective education and training.

Certifications and Codes

SB/DVBE # 2011907

CMAS # 4-18-03-0747A


46180000-Personal Safety + Protection

80172100-Issues + Crisis Management Services

92120000- Security and personal Safety

93131800- Disaster Preparedness + relief

86000000- Education + Training

80101500- Business and Corporate Management Consulting Services

46200000- Defense and Law Enforcement Security and Safety Training

81141800- Facilities Management

Strength Through Education




CCR provides training that’s brief but powerful with a message that says, “We want to keep you safe at work.” Workplace crises are an all-too-common occurrence today. A serious workplace crisis leads to injury or death, changing lives forever. Human loss and suffering are immeasurable for your employees, their families, friends and the community. But there is a lot managers and supervisors can do to reduce its likelihood and to protect staff if an incident were to occur. 

Every business/office/building is at risk, and many managers/supervisors believe that their business/office/building is immune to the risk of a serious workplace crisis incident. Effective workplace crisis response safety training is a process that aims to provide your workforce with awareness, knowledge and skills to prepare and react during a crisis. 

Money and time spent improving workplace safety will have significant benefits like:

· Increased safety awareness = increased employee productivity.

· Mitigate loss of life and property. Provided training keeps employees safe and mitigates and/or reduces State workers’ compensation costs and other employee, tenant and building liability costs.

· Retention of staff and tenants.

· Increased employee/tenant satisfaction.

· Increased confidence and awareness among employees and tenants of crisis response.

· Establish management commitment to safety of employees, tenants and buildings.

· Establish clear safety objectives and commitment to manage those objectives.

· Communication, communication and more communication.

· Planning = preparing for the best course of action for employees in responding to a workplace crisis.

· Understanding roles and responsibilities in a workplace crisis.

· Knowing how to react in a workplace crisis –run, hide or fight.

· Understanding logistics of evacuating the workplace in a crisis (how to get out or where to hide).

· Continuity of Statewide training of employees creates awareness promotes preparedness for employees to respond during a workplace crisis. 


“Perhaps the most striking to many of us was that in moments of crisis, there’s just not nearly as much time as you think you have to plan for the best course of action.” Michele Gay ~ Mother of Josephine-Sandy Hook Elementary School victim

A bit about Matt


Matthew Scott is a former Military Policeman in the Marine Corps and attended the Sacramento Police Academy. Graduated from Chapman University with a degree in Criminal Justice. Matt has 20 years of law enforcement experience with 8 years as a School Resource Officer and 5 years as a School Resource Officer supervisor.  Matt noticed a lack of education and training for employees during lockdowns at schools and businesses and took it upon himself to create the Crisis Response Workshop which trains staff how to prepare for a workplace crisis. The workshop was developed in collaboration with many stakeholders including teachers, school administrators, fire department leaders, law enforcement and military tactical team members, among others. Word spread about the Crisis Response Workshop and Matt quickly jumped into gear to provide the training throughout California to State of California office buildings, schools, churches, and private businesses. Matt was the chairperson for a full-scale Active Shooter Drill which brought together 8 different agencies and incorporated a new concept called the Rescue Taskforce. The Rescue Taskforce enables law enforcement and Emergency Medical Services to work together to provide needed medical assistance to victims of an Active Shooter much sooner than ever before. Matt spent 5 years as a Terrorism Liaison Officer and was an Active Shooter Instructor and taught Incident Response to Terrorist Bombings and was recognized as a Subject Matter Expert by the California Safe Schools Conference in 2017. 

Our Programs

Crisis Response Workshop


The first step to stop an Active Shooter starts today.

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Are you ready for an Active Shooter?

Benefits of Crisis Response Training


Every building or public gathering  location is at risk.

Testimonials from our first public workshop in Rocklin on Au

This information needs to be everywhere.

Informative, Interesting, and Timely.  Matt is a great speaker-I'd  listen to him again and again.

We need this information in today's world.

Very Informative.  Thank you for doing this class.

Acquired awareness, pre-planning for emergency events.

A necessary evil in today's environment.

Great class

You never know when you are faced with a situation.  It's important to teach people to be prepared in a critical incident.

Well done, very informative. It covered a lot of information we normally don't think of.

Good props - Good job

I enjoyed this class and learned very valuable information.

This information needs to be everywhere... I learned a lot of great tactics that will keep me safe.  



Comments from the 2016 Safe Schools Conference

-Presentation was well put together

-(The presenter) knows the subject matter.

-Relevant info.

-(the presenter is) experienced and knowledgeable.

-The information was) straight forward.

"You did a great job and the evaluations by the participants reflected just that feeling."  

2018 Presentation

"Matt's workshop was very informative.  He demonstrated an impressive command of the material  and kept me engaged from start to finish. I highly recommend this workshop." Aaron Day               Campus Safety

State Employee Testimonials


“The law enforcement training I have had in the past was very good but, in my recollection, more focused on a specific event and how to respond. The training you provided covered a broader variety of items and from the planning phase through the aftermath. For example, keeping track of who is in and who is out of the office through a whiteboard or some other means, having secondary and tertiary meeting spots, how to interact (or not to) with law enforcement once they arrive, literally showing us ways to barricade or secure a door. Additionally, the aftermath part was very important. I did not take into account that after such an incident that certain people may be needed for several hours. And the need for snacks, medications, etc. In general, it is my opinion that this training is a better fit for our setting.” 


Excellent training!!!!  This training was so insightful that it presented ways of responding and staying safe during different crisis situations –not necessarily the workplace.  This training is more than run/hide/fight training that I have completed in the past.  I feel that everyone needs this training to stay safe in our world today. 

Thank you!  This training was invaluable!  The material presented was beyond any training I have completed.  The techniques and tips I learned in training I can apply anywhere I go, and I feel I am more than prepared in the event of an all too common crisis situation.  Everyone needs this training.

  “Amazing training. Helps to know preparedness and response tips (run, hide, fight).” 

“A lot of important information was shared that people need to know.” 

“It’s a course very well needed.” 

“More aware of what to do in a crisis. Be more prepared by doing more drills and planning.” 

“I believe everyone should take this course.”

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Crisis Response Training for School Staff